Open Kitchen Living Room Designs

Wednesday, September 12th 2012. | Kitchen Design Tips

Open Kitchen Living Room Designs is convenient public met at the house today. The concept is to update the old design concept where every room has a different design from each other. This design actually promoted concept that the design of the room should be able to flow into the other room. The decor may be quite challenging, but you can do it with the idea of a simple idea.

A simple way that can be used to unify two rooms with different functions is the color game. This color game does not mean you have to paint each room with the same color. However, the color game here means you are working in a palette of colors so the colors of the two rooms are complementary same. Let’s say your kitchen is blue then you can paint your living room with green color. Both colors are equally named earth colors.

Open Kitchen Living Room Designs1 Open Kitchen Living Room Designs

Other than painting the walls, you can put together several rooms by provided same color of the floor, dresser, and desk. For example, you could use a different motive kitchen floor and living room floor. Both colors should not be different in contrast, however, could also have a similar color. Most important is the color of the second floor came from the same palette. You can also try mixing colors from an open plan living and kitchen space with bold colors and interesting accents. You can also use bright colors warmer to give a more open feeling. Then use a deeper color to cover a room.

In an open floor plan, while choosing furniture, make sure you choose the furniture in the same style to any room. Unlike the selection of colors, which is recommended to choose a different color, for furniture it is advisable that you choose at least still assist same style. Also, make sure the quality of the furniture that you use the same in every room. Do not just because your kitchen is located at the rear of the house, then you are indiscriminate in choosing its furniture.

Today many homes and apartments are built with an Open Kitchen Living Room Designs. This concept makes the dining and family room into a room called the “great room.” Decoration of open space will cause any different rooms still have the same design concept and flow. Open Kitchen Living Room Designs concept makes it possible to decorate each room with its own style or color scheme alone, but still making them as a connected open space. Herein lies the challenge. If false, then the design of the room to each other will not harmonious. It requires strategic placement and planning. Some people may want to be the spaces in the their house is as one large room, but it still can be defined as a different room in functionality.

Open Kitchen Living Room Designs Open Kitchen Living Room Designs
Open Kitchen Living Room Designs